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Steph Beck Sports Therapy

Exmouth, UK

Back Massage

Our Main Mission:

To keep YOU moving.

Movement is an important part of every day life. Whether you are an athlete, work long hours or have a sedentary life, it is vital that you maintain good movement patterns.

Through many different techniques and treatments, Steph's aims are to analyse your movement patterns in order to try and alleviate any pain and discomfort. Whether this is one limb or the whole body, every treatment is made specifically for each individual. 

Delivering high quality, cost effective treatments to meet your goals! 


Alleviate any pain and discomfort, to keep you moving

Sports Therapy

Find the cause of your discomfort

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Take away your aches and pains

Sports Therapy

Foam Rolling Calves

Get back to optimal movement

TvA Activation


Limit your risk of injury


Kinesiology Taping

Strap up for support, stability and recovery


Exercise Programs

Create a program just for you

Qualified Taping

Meet Steph

Steph Beck

My passion is to help you.


”I love my job. I love seeing the changes in people, from when they come to me with pain or discomfort, to when they leave feeling great and go on to achieve something life changing for them.”


Steph is a great therapist, she helped me massively all of last year when I had a reoccurring ankle injury, providing strengthening exercises and booked me in for weekly clinic appointments. By the end of the football season last year my ankle had regained full strength again and to this day I still use the same exercises that she gave me to keep it in check. Would highly recommend her to anyone!



What Client's have to say...

Highly Recommend! The first person to acknowledge my injuries and help me with my lower leg pain. Following that has helped me through many treatments and continues to help me out whenever I need it. Really appreciate it.


I have visited Steph Beck on a number of occasions for a few different issues and she manages to find the solution and fix me up in a timely manner every time. Very professional & knowledgeable. Steph is always approachable & makes the treatment plans realistic with my current exercise schedule. Why go anywhere else?!



Warren View Sports Ground, Exmouth, Devon, EX8 3DH

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